Taking the Night Train Milan to Sicily

The night train from Milan to Sicily is a relic in Europe: one of the few remaining train services where the entire train moves on a ferry for part of the trip. And to my knowledge, it is in fact the only regular night train in Europe that travels on a ferry. (The only other remaining trains travelling on a ferry are, to my knowledge: the EC from Hamburg to Copenhagen, and the seasonal Berlin-Malmö night train to Sweden.) It is also a special train service, because it travels a really long time: not just one night, a full 20 hours. There are services like that in Scandinavia like the Arctic Circle Express from Stockholm to Narvik (a highly recommended trip, especially in late winter), but they have become extremely rare. And: the night train from Milan to Sicily – once through all of Italy, north to south, mostly along the sea (instead of using the inland high speed lines), is extremely scenic. A reason to see it as an attraction by itself, a cruise – stock up on fine Italian foods, olives, salami, cheese, wine, fresh fruit, fresh bread – and enjoy Italy this summer!

See a travel report on TrainTracks.eu [in German]:

Nachtzug Sizilien: Kreuzfahrt mit und ohne Wasser

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