‘Now I Am Speaking to the Whole World.’

https://time.com/collection-post/5584902/greta-thunberg-next-generation-leaders/?utm_medium=socialflowtw&utm_campaign=time&utm_source=twitter.com&xid=time_socialflow_twitter “Did you hear what I just said? Is my English O.K.? Is my microphone on? Because I’m beginning to wonder.” There is laughter, but it’s unclear if it’s amused or awkward. Thunberg is not smiling. She’s here to talk climate; a catastrophe is looming, her generation will bear it, and she knows whom to […]

Trotz Klimadebatte: Die Deutschen fliegen eher mehr

https://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/unternehmen/trotz-klimadebatte-die-deutschen-fliegen-eher-mehr-16226746.html Von Flugscham der Urlauber keine Spur. Wenn Marek Andryszak, Deutschlandchef des Reisekonzerns TUI, in die Konzernstatistik blickt, dann fallen die Zuwächse für einige Reiseziele auf: 40 Prozent mehr Buchungen deutscher Kunden für die Türkei, 37 Prozent mehr für Marokko, 31 Prozent mehr für Ägypten sind bis jetzt eingegangen – alles Ziele, zu denen Urlauber […]

Public takes flying’s impact into its own hands

Tackling environmental problems is generally thought to involve politicians introducing regulations and imposing measures that encourage or nudge behaviour in desired directions. But, following decades of government inaction on aviation emissions, the public is taking the matter into its own hands. Citizens have responded with an initiative that has, so far, reduced air travel in […]

Official petition launched to end ‘kerosene tax haven’

https://www.transportenvironment.org/news/official-petition-launched-end-%E2%80%98kerosene-tax-haven%E2%80%99 A European Citizens’ Initiative has been launched that calls for European governments to end aviation’s fuel tax exemption. The petition followed the leak of a report for the European Commission showing that taxing kerosene sold in Europe would cut aviation emissions by 11% and have no net impact on jobs or the economy as […]