Car trains in France/Autozug in Frankreich

»Autozug« bedeutet in Frankreich: ein Zug nur für die Autos der Kunden. Die Kunden selbst reisen mit TGV, IC oder Nachtzug voraus oder hinterher. Die SNCF will jetzt aber die Kundenautos auf der Straße transportieren – und zwar nicht unbedingt im LKW, sondern auf eigenen Reifen per Chauffeur (!!!). So much about reducing carbon dioxide […]

Club of Rome We have to look at our consumption: the rich countries have enormous ecological footprints. Now the poorer countries are catching up quickly. That is in principle great. But if the 7.5 billion people on the planet lived like US-Americans (or for that matter, Europeans) we would need 5 planets. It could sound as if […]

Vienna – Zurich (one way) by train

I am taking the night train (ÖBB nightjet) from Vienna to Zurich today. So let us take this as an opportunity to compare the carbon footprint (all numbers for the one-way trip!): Driving from Vienna to Zurich takes 7h 30min, costs 80-120 Euro, and produces 122kg of CO2. Flying from Vienna to Zurich takes 4h […]

Night Trains 2018 & The Hypocrisy in the Air Berlin and Niki Bankruptcy

Every year in December a new train schedule  becomes valid in Europe. And of course, as every year, a lot of night trains are cut. This year in particular in Eastern Europe, which for a long time had had a very stable and dense night train network. The European policy of subsidising air travel is […]

Petition: Night trains to Spain

While in Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland a rudimentary night train network continues to exist, there is no possibility anymore to get from Germany, Switzerland or Italy to Spain in a comfortable, fast, and environment-friendly way. That used to be different! The Trenhotel nighttrains with the ‘Elipsos’ brand use to cover Madrid-Paris, Barcelona-Paris, Barcelona-Milan and […]

Germany: the Climate Lie

„Für jede in Deutschland durch den Biodiesel eingesparte Tonne Kohlendioxid werden in Indonesien bis zu 30 Tonnen freigesetzt. “ „For every ton of carbon dioxide saved in Germany by using bio-fuel (biodiesel made from vegetable oils) there are 30 tons of CO2 produced in Indonesia.“ This is because Germany needs so much fuel, that it […]