97% of all Germans agree that we have to do something about our environment.
70% declare that they would be willing to take the bike more often.
So how comes that the number of SUVs is exploding? How comes a third of all citizens never uses any form of public transportation? How comes we fly even from Hamburg to Munich?

It is not the fault of the uneducated and the uninformed. You all, that care so much, that buy organic food and fairphones, that shop for second hand clothes, eat only BIO-organic local produce burgers, what is your ecological footprint? You are the ones that fly for a weekend to Spain, visiting your international friends, and trying the BIO-organic burgers in Barcelona. You, the young, smart, educated, probably have among the biggest ecological footprint of all (yes, even if you live in a vegan appartment in Berlin and hate SUVs, even if you are very convinced that we should please shut down the dirty coal power plants)!

So- stop the hypocrisy. Be honest to yourself. No new phone is better than a new fairphone. No new clothes is better than fair clothes. And your holiday flight is beyond everything – even if the destination is a super-eco-lodge in the Amazon rainforest!

Deutschland – Land der Umweltheuchler