Energy consumption 2017: +6% jet fuel use!

German Energy Consumption 2017 is 1% over the 2016 Energy Consumption


Particularly important contributions are:

  • a 2.1% increase in the use of Lignite (brown coal) for electricity production
  • 3.1% increase in Diesel use
  • 2.4% increase in gasoline use
  • 5% increase in heating oil use
  • 6% increase in jet fuel use

Now while we all agree that the continued used of brown coal is a huge ecological sin, why don’t we think so about jet fuel? Flying to another continent once or twice a year for holiday is becoming the general life style of the young urban educated citizens – those that all immediately agree that we have to stop burning brown coal! But while at least for brown coal an end is in view and in planning, there is no end in sight for aviation. Not only does the use of jet fuel increase, also the rate of increase is increasing, i.e. the jet fuel use is increasing faster and faster.

So while we all agree that brown coal use is a scandal – what about our next weekend trip to Barcelona? What about our next holiday in Indonesia?

Politically- we need to tax aviation now, with VAT and fuel taxes! We need to invest into a faster, cheaper, more comfortable and reliable railway network.
But also all of us personally- we have to stop flying so much. We have to go through the slight discomfort of spending 5h30 on a train instead of flying from Berlin to Stuttgart!

There is no hope for the climate if we don’t choose political change, but there is also no hope for the climate if we do not tolerate at least a slight decrease in living standard! We have to live in smaller appartments, drive less and in smaller cars, and: fly less!


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