Aviation industry must get real about emissions


The idea that the aviation industry can continue to expand to give “more people the opportunity to sustainably travel and do business around the world” is just nonsense. For the sake of all our futures, we have to reduce our consumption and be thoughtful about our carbon footprints, and this includes our use of aviation. We cannot carry on in the same vein, taking flights as and when we wish. There is no entitlement to air travel; indeed, mass air transit is a relatively recent thing, so it shouldn’t be difficult to turn the clock back to when air travel was an adventure every few years rather than a routine weekend break or one of several foreign holidays or business trips a year. The climate emergency is happening now; I write as we have experienced the hottest day of the year with a record 34C at, guess where, Heathrow!
Kim Hoare
Westhall, Suffolk