Why is flying so cheap?

With the new train connection between two of Germany’s biggest cities, Deutsche Bahn wants to compete with low-cost airlines. Given that tickets may total around €130 to €150 per journey — considerably more than a low cost flight — is this realistic?

How is it possible that flying is cheaper than a railway ticket? A plane needs a crew of 6-16 people, technicians, very frequent technical chekups, airports, air traffic control and loads of fuel. A train – once the tracks are there – requires much less effort. And nevertheless flying is so cheap. How can that be?

Flying is subsidized. In Germany by an amount that corresponds to 270 Euro per Person and year. In other words: everyone pays 270 Euro a year to support the destruction of our climate. Including the almost 50% of the population who don’t travel by plane: they also support the cheap Easyjet weekends in Barcelona.

Zum Vergleich mit dem Schienenverkehr: Während etwa die Schweiz als Spitzenreiter im vergangenen Jahr pro Einwohner 378 Euro für die Eisenbahninfrastruktur ausgab, waren es in Deutschland nur 64 Euro.

If you want to know more (try to use google translate to read the German text): The state of Germany supports climate desctruction (not only due to air traffic) with subsidies of 57 Billion Euro every year. Not counting in the damage to the health of the citizens.

And almost all other states do the same.

At least there is one nice proposal out there now: the European Union is going to provide Interrail passes to young people.