Putting quantities in relation: new wind farm vs. air traffic

Here’s a little picture to put some numbers in context:

Near Denmark, one of the world’s biggest windparks was opened recently. This windpark is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 700 000 tonnes a year, by providing electricity.

On the other hand, take a look at the carbon emissions due to air traffic of flights within Germany (where there is practically new distance that could not be covered by train in max. 7-8 hours). Simply by not flying anymore only on distances within Germany we could reduce emissions by the amount for which we would otherwise need more than 11 copies of one of the world’s biggest wind farms!

Simply by cancelling all flights Berlin – Stuttgart (now 5h30min travel time by train) we could save the amount of this wind park in less than three years. And honestly: Berlin – Stuttgart by plane, city center to city center, takes also at least 3h – that’s only two 2.5 hours more by train!

Even more: if Germany was to invest more into high speed lines, the train could do the distance in less than 3 hours (like the Frecciarossa Rom-Mailand).

If we still had night trains, we could do the trip losing no productive time at all: board at Stuttgart Hbf at 10:30pm in the evening, wake up at Berlin Hbf at 6:30am in the morning, ready for work or leisure.