Europe’s Endangered Liberal Order

Timothy Garton Ash:

  • 2016: „The other crucial populist move is to identify as “the people” (or Volk) what turns out to be only some of the people. (..) The 48 percent of us who voted (..) to remain in the EU are plainly neither ordinary nor decent, nor even real. Everywhere it’s the “other people” who now have to watch out: Mexicans and Muslims in the US, Kurds in Turkey, Poles in Britain, Muslims and Jews all over Europe, as well as Sinti and Roma, refugees, immigrants, black people, women, cosmopolitans, homosexuals, not to mention “experts,” “elites,” and “mainstream media.” Welcome to a world of rampant Trumpismo.“
  • 1998: „The dangers, by contrast, are all too obvious. EMU requires a single monetary policy and a single interest rate for all. What if that rate is right for Germany but wrong for Spain and Italy, or vice versa? And what if French unemployment continues to rise? As elections approach, national politicians will find the temptation to „blame it on EMU“ almost irresistible. If responsible politicians resist the temptation, irresponsible ones will gain votes.