EU countries ‘off target’ on carbon emissions: report

Most European nations are set to miss their carbon reduction pledges made as part of the Paris Agreement, according to a new ranking of “good”, “bad” and “ugly” countries published today (18 June) by Europe’s leading NGO coalition on climate change.

Among “the good” are Sweden, Portugal, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg – which scored highest because of their ambitious climate policies, while taking the lead in the debate on the EU’s future targets

“The bad” include Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the UK – which are no longer considered at the forefront of climate action and “aim rather low despite their relative wealth,” according to CAN Europe.

“It’s becoming very clear these days that Germany has gone from being world champion in climate action to a third division team,” said Prof. Dr. Hermann E. Ott, board member of German League for Nature, Animal and Environment Protection (DNR).